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Write. It. Down.

You know those goals you have? Have you written them down? If you said “yes” – fantastic! If you said “no” – why not? Goals that are not written down are simply wishes. They don’t have the same intensity as they do when you write down what you want and intend to achieve. Your goals may be huge and feel like they can’t be put into words, but the soon you put into writing, the sooner you will see those goals becoming real. Every day, read those goals, every day re-write those goals. Every time you repeat the message to yourself, you are reminding your conscious and unconscious mind of your intentions.

In this blog, I focus mostly on money and investing. Those goals are just as important *if not more* as goals you create for your career, for your personal life, and more. What you focus on expands. So… Write. It. Down. Give yourself the power to achieve those wishes you have rolling around in your brain. You deserve it. You can do it. And, it has been said that the first step is always the hardest. For me, the first step is formulating the goal i want to achieve, and then writing it down. Heck, I can do that all day long. It will push you to take that next first step, which just may be the most difficult. You got this. <3 Bobbi

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