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Why small?

The whole purpose of this blog is to help others and I welcome any and all questions, feedback, and all that good stuff. I just received my first DM question regarding why I’ve focused on investing less than $100 a month on this blog so far. The question asked if I really thought it was realistic to encourage people to think so small.

The question gave me pause, and reiterated my purpose with this blog. Yes, I am encouraging all my friends to start small because it’s a start. Maybe $20 a week all you will ever be able to save because of your circumstances, and I will NEVER (I don’t use that word often, so please know how serious I am) make you feel smaller or lesser because you can’t invest more than that. Twenty dollars today grows exponentially the same way that $100 or $1000 does. The fact that you are putting away towards your future is your superpower (by way of compound interest.)

So, starting small is more than OK. Another focus of my blog is figuring out what will work for you. I think looking at the math for what you will need to create financial freedom or as you plan into retirement sets you up for the reality of what you will have, not some sort of unknown territory that may leave you unprepared.

One last note – The most important part of starting small is that I’ve found that realizing your super power encourages you (or read that as, it’s found me) to look for other ways to grow that power. Carry on and feel free to reach out anytime!

(ps, it’s super exciting for me to receive a question from someone who isn’t a family member or friend, keep them coming!)

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