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Who is Bobbi Bricker anyway?

Well… Hi, I’m Bobbi Bricker. I’m 40, I’m passionate about creating a path for myself and my family that brings us to a place of security. My path isn’t everyone’s path, but I think I’ve learned things along the way that can help others. I work full-time (and then some,) married with a two crazy kids, enjoy reading and listening to podcasts, pushing myself forward, and sometimes life just gets “tight.” I get stretched too thin, am not always the person I aspire to be, and I make mistakes.

I guess, what I’m saying is I’m real. I love expanding my mind, but can also be caught catching up on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. I love my kids to death and recognize this time in my life is fleeting, so I try to cherish every awesome and ugly moment, but sometimes the peace and quiet I need to recharge feels like it doesn’t happen quite often enough.

So, why a blog focused on money (and throw in some parenting/life/marriage?) Well, because I’ve made mistakes, I know what it’s like to be in a mountain of credit card debt, have to close down a business to save my family because I was stretched too thin, to have to get real about a budget to get (back) on track financially, to make choices for my family above myself, and more. I feel that there is so much out there that can be shaming about money matters. Every other day I see articles like “How Much Every 35 Year Old Should Have In Savings” and it refers to a 6-month salary savings. I don’t know about you, but it is kind of deflating to read that and get real about the fact that I do not have 6 months of my salary liquid at my fingertips. Then, I start thinking of the reality of $1k+ per month of childcare, a mortgage, car payments, insurance, regular expenses, and I feel even more deflated. I KNOW that you can feel secure and confident in your financial freedom without a cloud of a certain number looming over you. How much you NEED in savings is dependent on YOU, and your life.

So. Step 1. Create a blog that is inspiring, not deflating with REAL tips and tricks to move towards financial freedom and a retirement that can happen.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that we can be friends 🙂 Bobbi

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