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Bumps in the road…

They happen to all of us, the bumps in the road, the unexpected, the game changers that have us re-examining who we are and what we stand for. Or, even, what our purpose is. I’ve been there. I’ve lost jobs, due to my own fault or things out of my control. I’ve made poor decisions and had to try and figure out how to right my path. It’s OK. I think it’s part of life, the good and ugly part of life that helps us be stronger. Each of us have it within us to turn lemons into lemonade, it’s within those times of adversity that we can choose to continue down the path of destruction and/or depression, or take a u-turn and take a couple steps back to move forward again. It’s OK. Whether those bumps are financial or personal, every step you take forward is a step forward. It can be big or small, but forward progress is progress. <3

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